12/04/10 – Tongue Muzzle LIVE DEBUT – Party Expo – Brooklyn, NY

Who Tongue Muzzle LIVE DEBUT When Saturday, December 4, 2010 9:00pm – 21+ Where Party Expo (map) 929 Broadway Brooklyn, NY, USA 11206-5918 Other InfoLIVE industrial/breakcore/glitch by : REPLOGEN- (http://www.myspace.com/replogen) Industrial/Noise Syphilis Sauna-(http://soundcloud.com/syphilis-sauna) Breakcore/8bit/trashtronica-Backwards Records/Automation Johnny Jitters -(http://soundcloud.com/johnnyjitters) Glitch/IDM – Backwards Records Tongue Muzzle – (http://www.tonguemuzzle.com/) Noise/Groove 21+ 5$ (goes to support touring acts , who are poor and make strange music and so need cash )
more info TBA


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NYC Event: Nov. 5th! The Qualia LIVE @ Trashbar!

We, The Qualia (Lars, Chvad, Rossen, and Zakai) are playing at The Trash Bar on the evening of November 5. We’re going to be hanging out at the bar before we go on, so come on over, hang out, and then stick around for the karaoke festivities after our show. It’s going to be […]

Chvad SB on NBC? Or Reviewing “RED” and pimping The Qualia.

Chvad SB reviews the new Bruce Willis movie RED with show host Scott Ross for NBC’s POPCORNBIZ this week. It’s all over the interwebs, broadcast, cable and NYC cabs all next week starting this Friday. Oh yeah… what’s that cool band I’m pimping? The Qualia? Playing when? Nov. 5th? Where? Trashbar in Brooklyn? […]

NYC Event: The Qualia LIVE Friday Oct. 1st @ Trash Bar!

We, The Qualia (Lars, Chvad, Rossen, and Zakai) are back for an early Friday night show with tons of special twists, turns, surprises, and whatnot.

OPEN BAR! Shortly after we start playing there will be an open bar (from 8 – 9) or so, so this show is an economical and enjoyable way […]

The 2010 Bushwick Tornado or “What happened to my truck and what’s left of Maria Hernandez Park?”

It was already a reasonably stressful day. It was the typical “my job is stressing me so bad that my body has developed an auto-immune skin eating disorder” kind of day. So when I had heard that a potential tornado wiped through a number of boroughs in New York City I was in […]

Back to Bugville II: Bugbound

207 Johnson Ave. Brooklyn, NY. My new home for 3 1/2 weeks.

This initially looked like a good sign.

The story begins very simply. It begins with… it begins with the… it umm… well… sigh. That’s a lie. The story doesn’t begin simply at all. […]

Back to Bugville

So. There have been some set backs. Where is the new album? Where are the old albums? What the hell is going on with this band that up until the past couple years had been very VERY active? Well… those are all great questions and eventually they’re gonna be answered. Just rest assured that […]

Too Many Sebastians – The Qualia “Secret Weapon” (2010)

The Qualia is an electro-pop band from New York. They got in contact with us after we posted some stuff from The Diogenes Club, because they have a remix from them. As we are already gathering, The Diogenes Club only do ‘very good’ and this remix is exactly that.

ニューヨークのエレクトロポップバンドThe Qualia。どうやら彼らはThe Diogenes Clubのリミックスをつくったようで、私達がポスト後に連絡を頂きました。The Diogenes […]

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you can check out my current battle here:


“Station Wagons”, The Qualia live 2009.12.19 @ The Sweatshop, Brooklyn, NY.

Christmas Bird 09

Christmas Bird 09, originally uploaded by chvad_sb.

Christmas morning in Bushwick.

NYC Event: Dec. 19; The Qualia LIVE at The Sweatshop!

Hey! It’s December, and we’re back with another show, and this time it is FREE. Here’s the story:

We’re doing something different this time. In addition to wanting to put on another show for you guys, we wanted to get some live video shot to go along with our new record coming out this February, […]