Controlled Bleeding “TROD”

Controlled Bleeding “SWARM” (2017)

nothing to see


It’s Darker Outside Than You’d Think

It Haunts Her

From the forthcoming record by Chvad SB, “Crickets Were the Compass” on Silber Records! Release date May 13th! Pre-order here:

Tongue Muzzle “Black Mass & Voluptuous Church Lips”

Phenomenalism, Cartesian Doubt & Bomb #20

Lost in self-doubt and hiding in obscurity. After weeks of contemplation I barely know where to begin. A single-take self-playing composition. Reverb added in post.

Electronic Tonalities: Chvad SBCopyright 2014 Angry Apple Muffin Man Music. All Rights Reserved.

Shadowbox I

dear little shadowboxthank you for sharing

Belly Drone

Siral Thead Tenxion

Take Care of the Lawn While You’re Gone

Horror Culture III: The Victim

between moments of consciousness i hear whispers


It’s there… right across that road.

No Snowflakes

Beacon Calls Us Back, The

Unmistakable Scent of Something Good, The

Final Days and Plastic Faces

Four Cats That Ate Under a Scarlet Moon, The

What We Do Is Secret