The Qualia release their new single “Guess I Lied”!

Hot on the heels of our show last night at Pianos (thanks again for coming out!) here’s a brand new song, from our next EP, due out on WTII Records in June. Have a listen, and let us know what you think!

Find more The Qualia songs at Myspace Music


NYC Event: The Qualia LIVE @ Kenny’s Castaways, NYC

If the idea of listening to the best synthesizer-driven pop band in New York City at the height of their powers is something that’s attractive to you, we have an offer.

The Qualia. Live at Kenny’s Castaways, Friday, April 1st at 8:30 p.m.

The entire band, Lars Casteen, Chvad SB, Rossen Nedelchev, and Zakai Robbins […]

NYC Event: Nov. 5th! The Qualia LIVE @ Trashbar!

We, The Qualia (Lars, Chvad, Rossen, and Zakai) are playing at The Trash Bar on the evening of November 5. We’re going to be hanging out at the bar before we go on, so come on over, hang out, and then stick around for the karaoke festivities after our show. It’s going to be […]

Chvad SB on NBC? Or Reviewing “RED” and pimping The Qualia.

Chvad SB reviews the new Bruce Willis movie RED with show host Scott Ross for NBC’s POPCORNBIZ this week. It’s all over the interwebs, broadcast, cable and NYC cabs all next week starting this Friday. Oh yeah… what’s that cool band I’m pimping? The Qualia? Playing when? Nov. 5th? Where? Trashbar in Brooklyn? […]

The Qualia LIVE @ The Delancey, 8-11-2010

NYC Event: The Qualia LIVE @ The Delancey Aug. 11th w/Plushgun!

NYC Event: The Qualia LIVE @ Santos Party House, July 17th!

VENUE INFORMATION: Santo’s Party House 96 Lafayette St New York, NY. 10013

Save TWO dollars and buy advance tickets HERE!

BoogMusic – The Qualia “Secret Weapon” (2010)

Bitterness 1; The Qualia 2 by: Alistair Wallace

On April 27th the band The Qualia released their second album Secret Weapon. While they are from Brooklyn and they are self-described as electro-pop, The Qualia seem more focused on what comes after the hyphen than before. Song craft trumps gimmick; the Qualia is less dogmatic than […]

“Volcanoe”, The Qualia live @ Trash Bar, Brooklyn, NY. 2010.

The Qualia performing “Volcanoe” at Trash Bar, May 26th 2010, NYC.

The band:Lars Casteen: vocals, guitarRossen Nedelchev: drumsChvad SB: keyboards, vocals

“Better”, The Qualia LIVE at The Delancey, 5-8-2010. NYC.

The Qualia performing “Better” at The Delancey, May 8th 2010, NYC.

The band: Lars Casteen: vocals, guitar Rossen Nedelchev: drums Chvad SB: keyboards, vocals

“This Weekend”, The Qualia live 2010.05.08 @ The Delancey, NYC.

The Qualia performing “This Weekend” at The Delancey, May 8th 2010, NYC.

The band: Lars Casteen: vocals, guitar Rossen Nedelchev: drums Chvad SB: keyboards, vocals

NYC EVENT! The Qualia LIVE @ Trash Bar, May 26th.


The Qualia (Lars Casteen, Chvad SB, and Rossen Nedelchev) are celebrating the release of our second album, “Secret Weapon” released on April 27 by WTII Records by throwing a CD release show/party at The Delancey in Manhattan on a Saturday night. Cover will be $7, and we’ll take the stage at 9:30. This is […]

HeaveMedia – The Qualia “Secret Weapon” (2010)

The Qualia Lulls Listeners Into Alternate Consciousness The Qualia’s second release is uninspiring. By: Mike Stern

How did we ever function without Wikipedia? According to the ultimate resource on everything the word Qualia is a term used by philosophers to describe the subjective quality of conscious experiences. It is not, as I had initially suspected, […]

NEW RELEASE! The Qualia’s “Secret Weapon” is OUT TODAY!


The Qualia (featuring t.o.t.s. members Lars casteen and Chvad SB) have been hard at work on the new release from The Qualia “Secret Weapon” and IT IS OUT TODAY! This album is GREAT people and you really should give it a spin! As a matter of fact, YOU CAN LISTEN TO THE WHOLE […]

NYC Event: The Qualia live Thursday, April 15th @ R-Bar!

Too Many Sebastians – The Qualia “Secret Weapon” (2010)

The Qualia is an electro-pop band from New York. They got in contact with us after we posted some stuff from The Diogenes Club, because they have a remix from them. As we are already gathering, The Diogenes Club only do ‘very good’ and this remix is exactly that.

ニューヨークのエレクトロポップバンドThe Qualia。どうやら彼らはThe Diogenes Clubのリミックスをつくったようで、私達がポスト後に連絡を頂きました。The Diogenes […]

We Are Pajamas – The Qualia “Secret Weapon” (2010)

Our souncloud just got attention from this band called The Qualia that I didn’t know until today. They’re a self-entitled electro-experimental band from Brooklyn, that combines a lot of genres, thing that can be seen by their inspirations. I like the vibe and I definitely loved the remix they handed me by the The […]

NYC Event: The Qualia live Thursday, March 18th @ Bushwick Music Studios

Heavier than Air – The Qualia “Secret Weapon” (2010)

Monday, 1 March 2010 #MusicMonday – Songs in 140 Characters (Or Less)

“It is my ambition to say in ten sentences; what others say in a whole book.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Another installment of the week’s assorted listening, comin’ atcha………

MP3: The Qualia – Station Wagons Nostalgiac electronic indie-rock with a nod to […]

“Nevada’s Greatest Man”, The Qualia live @ Sullivan Hall, NYC. 2009.03.25

NYC Event: The Qualia LIVE @ The Delancy, NYC.

Hey guys,

We, The Qualia (Lars Casteen, Chvad SB, and Rossen Nedelchev) have been hard at work preparing our next concentrated blast of electro-poppish/rockish music for you to enjoy.

We’ve got some fun news (could it be a new release? Could it be TWO new releases? Could it be tons of awesome remixes of our […]

“Station Wagons”, The Qualia live 2009.12.19 @ The Sweatshop, Brooklyn, NY.

NYC Event: Dec. 19; The Qualia LIVE at The Sweatshop!

Hey! It’s December, and we’re back with another show, and this time it is FREE. Here’s the story:

We’re doing something different this time. In addition to wanting to put on another show for you guys, we wanted to get some live video shot to go along with our new record coming out this February, […]

New song by The Qualia available NOW! “VOLCANOE”!

The new WTII compilation “Resurrection III” is out TODAY and features “Volcanoe”, an awesome new song by The Qualia! Check check it out NOW: LINK JAMS TO iTUNES!