The new single “Melody Lee” is out now!

The new track “Melody Lee”by THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN is out today! This is a cover of the classic by one of my all time favorite bands The Damned. Aside from drums and vocals, the entirety of this was recorded using the new GForce Software Oberheim SEM. Links to the track: Bandcamp Spotify Soundcloud Youtube […]

The new album “Sans Fixer” is available NOW!

I’m pleased to announce that my newest full length album “Sans Fixer” has just released on Silber Records. This is my first new collection of released material since 2018’s “Intone Drone” and probably one of my favorite releases since 2014’s “Crickets were the Compass”. While it’s hard to shake common threads I feel that […]

F.E.S.T.E.R. A Tribute to the Residents released along with 2 additional t.o.t.s. rarities released on Bandcamp.

F.E.S.T.E.R. hasn’t been available for a long long time so here it is in the light of day once again. I also pushed out two alternate versions of the THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN albums “God in a Box” and “You Knew It All Long” that were created for a label deal that long ago went […]

Controlled Bleeding LIVE 3-27-2019 @Brooklyn Bazaar

Brooklyn Bazaar 150 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, Brooklyn, New York 11222

tickets for sale on eventbrite

Controlled Bleeding and Crowhurst LIVE Sept. 28th at Brooklyn Bazaar.

Festival details updated!

Controlled Bleeding will be performing on the main stage on the 27th. Tickets can be purchased at EVENTBRITE

Controlled Bleeding performing at Days of Darkness Fest

Controlled Bleed “Perks Moonlight Perversion (Chvad SB Remix)”

INDUSTRIAL [r]EVOLUTION interviews Controlled Bleeding

Read the interview here:

Ayla teaser out today!

First trailer for Ayla (directed by Elias and scored by Chvad SB is out today!

New album out today! The Qualia “Medusa Session!

So The Qualia has a new album!! Ok, it’s actually an EP but it’s super unique… we went upstate to hide out in a barn in Medusa NY for a weekend and brought tons of shit with us. Recording gear, cameras, lights, instruments… dogs. Everything. We set out to capture the energy this band has […]

Premier Guitar Magazine features Controlled Bleeding

Link here:

The Qualia’s new album “Cotillion Knives” is out TODAY!

The Qualia have just released our new record, Cotillion Knives. Check it out at your favorite digital media place!

The Qualia, just released our new record, Cotillion Knives. Check it out at your favorite digital media place! You can buy / listen to the record at iTunes, Google Play, Youtube, Apple Music, Spotify and […]

Pre-order the new Controlled Bleeding album “Larva Lumps and Baby Bumps” NOW!

The new album is available for pre-order now!

Controlled Bleeding finally announces its first proper complete studio album since 2002’s Can You Smell The Rain Between (Tone Casualties). With the enigmatic full title of Larva Lumps and Baby Bumps, and featuring incredible cover paintings by artist Gregory Jacobsen (also of Lovely Little Girls). The […]

The new Chvad SB album “Phenomenalism, Cartesian Doubt and Bomb #20” is OUT NOW!

Hey everyone! I’m happy to announce that my new solo album “Phenomenalism, Cartesian Doubt and Bomb #20” is OUT TODAY on Silber Records! It’s a weird record folks. It pulls inspiration from sci-fi films like Forbidden Planet, Darkstar and Saturn 3. It’s a giant krell patch on crack. The entire 73 minute long track is […]

The new Tongue Muzzle album “Ally Orbit” is out NOW!

The new Tongue Muzzle album “Ally Orbit” is available now! FOR FREE! Listen/Link and download below!Ally Orbit by Tongue Muzzle

New single “Out for Blood” from The Qualia OUT NOW!

Our first single from our upcoming record has JUST BEEN POSTED! Wanna hear what The Qualia have been up to? CHECK IT OUT NOW!

New trailer for Joe Dante produced “DARK” now online!

The new “DARK” trailer features music by Chvad SB. You can see the new trailer here:

Exclusive new trailer, poster, release info: Joe Dante-produced “DARK”


QRD #74 features a new interview with Chvad SB.

The new issue of QRD is up and features a new interview with Chvad SB. Check it out here:

New Controlled Bleeding split EP “Perversions of the Aging Savant” is out NOW!

The new Controlled Bleeding release “Perversions of the Aging Savant”, a split with Sparkle in Grey, is AVAILABLE NOW. This is the first Controlled Bleeding release featuring Paul Lemos and Chvad SB collaborating together. 7 new tracks from Controlled Bleeding and 5 new tracks from Sparkle in Grey! From haunting melodies to pulverizing noise and […]

New project “Harrowing Nurses” releases debut track!

“Harrowing Nurses”, the new side project pairing Chvad SB and Josh Conley, have released their debut track, “Matter” on the new compilation Subterranean Passages Vol.1 on Venusaeon Records! Grab it here:


Subterranean Passages Vol. 1 by Harrowing Nurses


Kaiju Temple, a new kaiju themed compilation featuring Chvad SB is OUT NOW!

It was only natural that Joe Badon would make his Terra Kaiju comic. A story of love, sacrifice, & revenge inspired by the giant monster & samurai movies that Joe grew up on. Silber is pleased to be part of his story with the soundtrack for his baby, Kaiju Temple.

What would the fitting sounds […]

The new Chvad SB EP “Outside the Shadow of an Aliquot Tree” is NOW AVAILABLE!

The new Chvad SB E.P. Outside the Shadow of an Aliquot Tree is now available on Silber Records! As a part of Silber’s 5 in 5 series… this E.P. is 5 songs in 5 minutes and it’s only $1.00 or free to stream! In contrast to 2014’s Cricket’s Were the Compass’ synthesizer dominated landscapes, Outside […]

Chvad SB live @ Warper Party! w/special guest James Devin Johnson

Details:Event page:

Warper Party site:

BACK ROOM: 8:00 – More Dani 8:30 – Montauk’s Infinity 9:10 – Unigen 9:40 – Srikalogy 10:10 – Dan Freeman (CØm1x) & Øh1ØM1ke 10:50 – Pure Physicality 11:30 – ASStronauts 12:10 – rhinoid 12:40 – PISS OFF!

FRONT ROOM: 8:00 – Tracy 8:30 – Kristina […]

The new Chvad SB EP is done and will be available soon!

The new Chvad SB EP “Outside the Shadow on an Aliquot Tree” has been completed and will be available soon from Silber Records! Here’s a sneak preview of the cover art by Brian A Bernhard!