Santa Sangre, interview (2014)

“Chvad SB is an enigmatic figure, even though he’s been musically active for over twenty years. During this time he has worked with such groups as Controlled Bleeding, Things Outside The Skin and Tongue Muzzle among others, and has also dabbled in film music.”[Our review of “Crickets Were the Compass”]

How would you summarize this […]

The new Chvad SB EP is done and will be available soon!

The new Chvad SB EP “Outside the Shadow on an Aliquot Tree” has been completed and will be available soon from Silber Records! Here’s a sneak preview of the cover art by Brian A Bernhard!

Chain D.L.K. – Chvad SB “Crickets Were the Compass” (2014)

The cover art of Crickets Were The Compass depicts beautifully in ink and watercolour a grainy, post-apocalyptic landscape strewn with grim, colourless debris. A solitary dog stands in the foreground, dolefully glancing about; after an unspecified disaster, life has inevitably found a way. As much is reinforced by brief elaborations upon each of the tracks’ […]

Beach Sloth – Chvad SB “Crickets Were the Compass” (2014)

Chvad SB knows what it means to be harsh. On Crickets Were The Compass Chvad SB makes sure to keep things distorted. Everything filters through a similar sound of slow collapse like at any moment true hell could be potentially unleashed. Thanks to Chvad SB’s idea of restraint this never quite happens. Instead the pieces […]