Kult Kino – Chvad SB “Crickets Were the Compass” (2014)

In late 2012 I was fortunate enough to receive a screener for an independent horror film called GUT, which turned out to be rather a nifty movie indeed (you can read the review here). One element of the film which stood out was the score, which was pretty minimalist and in my review I used […]

I Die You Die – Chvad SB “Crickets Were the Compass” (2014)

Often drone music gets tagged as being dispassionate or dissociative, or, if it is taken as communicating emotion, cosmic wonder or unremitting misanthropy are the handiest affective shadings. On Crickets Were The Compass, Chvad SB (of slap-happy industrial rock outfit Things Outside The Skin and work with Controlled Bleeding) brings a rare sense of frailty […]

Maynard’s Horror Movie Diary – Chvad SB “GUT” (2014)

Chvad’s somber and melancholy score works excellent in “Gut” (by Boston-based director Elias), perfectly accompanying the haunting and sinister atmosphere of the film with all its scares, shocks and thrills. Unfortunately, the music doesn’t really stands on its own without imagery.

GUT: ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SCORE – CHVAD SB1. Let’s Hang Out (0:53)2. Shower Staring […]

Maynard’s Horror Movie Diary – Chvad SB “Crickets Were the Compass” (2014)

CD Reviews: Chvad SB’s “Crickets Were The Compass” + “Gut: Original Motion Picture Score”For the first time in the history of the Horror Movie Diary, I got the chance to review some music! NY-based artist Chvad SB got in contact with me because I praised the music he composed for Elias’ awesome indie shocker “Gut” […]

Rotting Zombie, The – Chvad SB “Crickets Were the Compass” (2014)

At the start of last year I reviewed a grim indie film called Gut which was about a man and his friend who discover a real life snuff film and become hypnotised by it. The best thing about the film was the soundtrack that conjured up a real sense of unease. The artist responsible for […]

New reviews for “Crickets Were the Compass”!

NEW REVIEWS for “Crickets Were the Compass”!

The Rotting Zombie says, “Not the music you would play to woo a loved one.” Read the whole review HERE: http://therottingzombie.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/crickets-are-compass-by -chvad-sb-2014.html


Maynard’s Horror Movie Diary says, “An unbelievably bizarre piece of art.” Read the entire review here: http://www.horrormoviediary.net/2014/05/cd-reviews-chvad-sbs-crickets- were.html


The new solo record from Chvad SB, “Crickets Were the Compass” is NOW AVAILABLE!

The CD is available directly from this site HERE or Silber Records. The album is available digitally at all major online music retailers!

Vital Weekly #933 – Chvad SB “Crickets Were the Compass” (2014)

A new name for me, this Chvad SB (and how to pronounce that? That’s why our podcast doesn’t have spoken intros to each track. I don’t want to run the risk of being laughed at an ‘entirely’ wrong pronunciation). This Chvad SB has been a member of such as Things Outside The Skin, The Qualia […]

Vital Weekly #933 – Tongue Muzzle “Vagina Problems” (2014)

‘Vagina Problems’ has a smaller line up (than previous album Lobster Cock and Friends), (Chvad) SB on electronics, Brian A. Bernhard on bass, James Devin Johnson on electronics and the non-related David Johnson reciting poetry and stories. The band improvises and Johnson recites his stuff. All recorded in one go and these seven pieces last […]

Vital Weekly #933 – Tongue Muzzle “Lobster Cock and Friends” (2014)

Tongue Muzzle is band with a varying membership and with varying interests, but perhaps a unity in choosing odd titles for their releases. They have a background in improvisation and these two releases are quite apart. ‘Lobster Cock & Friends’ has many guests on bass, synthesizer, accordion and devices, whamolom beatbox and vocals, and is […]

Burning World Pod Fodder #243 – Chvad SB “Crickets Were the Compass” (2014)

Burning World Pod Fodder vol. 243

This fine track comes from the LP Crickets Were The Compass on Silber Records by Chvad SB. I’d love to know how to pronounce that incidentally. The track I really wanted to include is called The Dust Cloud Permeates but at just under fifteen minutes it’s probably a little […]

“It Haunts Her” on SoundCloud!

The new single from the forthcoming record “Crickets Were the Compass” on Silber Records is now available on SoundCloud! You can pre-order the album HERE: http://www.silbermedia.com/chvad-sb

It Haunts Her

From the forthcoming record by Chvad SB, “Crickets Were the Compass” on Silber Records! Release date May 13th! Pre-order here: www.silbermedia.com/chvad-sb/

“Crickets Were the Compass” is now available for pre-order! Release date May 13th!

The new album from Chvad SB “Crickets Were the Compass” is available for pre-order NOW at Silber Records!

“Crickets Were the Compass” is a testament of loss. The music is made up of abstract passages, at times dissonant and at other times melodic. Soothing in some moments, aggressive and angry in others, the record tells […]