NYC Event: The Qualia LIVE @ Pianos, Jan 31st!


WHEN: Friday, January 31 at 10:45 p.m. WHERE: Pianos NYC WHAT: The Qualia, bringing you an evening of music, merriment, and mild social anxiety. We’ve got a BRAND NEW SONG, and it’s VERY EASY TO PLAY, so it’s going to be great. Come by for stories, songs, and friends. HOW MUCH: $10


Phenomenalism, Cartesian Doubt & Bomb #20

Lost in self-doubt and hiding in obscurity. After weeks of contemplation I barely know where to begin. A single-take self-playing composition. Reverb added in post.

Electronic Tonalities: Chvad SBCopyright 2014 Angry Apple Muffin Man Music. All Rights Reserved.

Martyrcycle, The – Chvad SB “Gut” (2014)

I’ll just start this out by stating the obvious: sometimes I lag. I can get so caught up in the day to day activities of being married, having kids and just being a badass, that sometimes things can unfortunately be put on the backburner, without me realizing it. Such was the case with Elias Ganster’s […]

NYC Event: The Qualia LIVE @ Pianos Jan 10th!

WHEN: Friday, January 10 at 7:45 p.m.WHERE: Pianos NYC ( The year is already 10 days old, and nothing good has happened in it. Fix that by coming to our show! We’ll play OLD SONGS, NEW SONGS, and GREAT SONGS. Don’t make the same mistake you made on January 10, 2013 – come out to […]