Avant Music News – Chvad SB “GUT” (2013)

“Gut” is the original soundtrack to an indie movie about some very disturbing videos and their devastating effect on the two very middle-class friends who watch them. In a wonderfully low-budget backstory, Chvad SB is said to have sat himself down in front of the television with the film on and sweated his way through […]

NEW ALBUM RELEASE! Tongue Muzzle “Lobster Cock and Friends” NOW AVAILABLE!

“Lobster Cock and Friends” is now available through Bandcamp and will soon be available elsewhere! Follow this link to listen to the album in it’s entirety or to buy for a mere $7! http://tonguemuzzle.bandcamp.com/album/lobster-cock-and-friends

Slashers Starlets and Sleaze – Chvad SB “GUT” (2013)

Indie Flix: Gut (2012)

GUT is a study of the obsession and hypersexualization of horror and violence. Tom is bored with his work-a-day life and is trying desperately to change it. Tom is wishy washy and afraid to do anything to change the status quo in any of his relationships. He has grown cold toward […]

Cinematic Shocks – Chvad SB “GUT” 2012

INDIE SHOCKS: Gut (2012)

‘Gut’ opens with a sudden act of violence with a murder being committed. We hear the diegetic sound of difficult breathing and choking as someone’s life slips away from them playing over the opening credits against a black background. Fading in to a close-up shot, we see a man with blood […]

Space Jockey Reviews – Chvad SB “GUT” (2012)

How much (or how little) does it take to push you to the extremes of who you are? How many unknown places within yourself still exist? How much might you be deluding yourself answering those questions now, taking too much credit for being “normal”? How much of your “gut” feeling is really correct? GUT, the […]

“Noise” – Controlled Bleeding live @ The Summit, Columbus, Ohio, 4-6-2013

Paul Lemos: drums (right) Chvad SB: drums (left) John Donofrio: drums (center)