Vital Weekly #867 – Chvad SB “Rotation” (2013)

ROTATION: A DARK AMBIENT/EXPERIMENTAL COMPILATION (CDR by Uncoild Loops/Facility Records) Here’s a bit of mystery. Two labels joining hands to release a CDR compilation of dark ambient music. Why would you want to do that, I was thinking. Of the ten participating bands there are only two whose names I recognize (which proofs once again […]

Rotting Zombie, The – Chvad SB “GUT” (2012)

Well I have just finished watching Gut. My new years resolution was to get more up to date with my blog. Gut is an American thriller that has almost an art house feel to it.

Jason Vail stars as Tom; an everyday American man with a wife and child and a normal 9 to 5 […]

Fangoria – Chvad SB “GUT” (2013)

365 Horror Films – Chvad SB “GUT” (2013)

So by now you’ve probably heard us make mention of it here previously, or read about it on the net, but the most recent Horror Hound Weekend (Cincinatti March) was an absolute madhouse. This is not us complaining, we were thrilled to see such a great turn out for a convention that deserves it, but […]

Horror Unlimited – Chvad SB “GUT” (2012)

more praise for the GUT Score:“What also definitely helps is the specific soundtrack Elias chose. Chad Bernhard’s original, minimalistic soundtrack really enhances the mood that Elias is setting and the various nuances of music are all in the perfect places.”

FULL GUT Review here: