Basement Rejects – Chvad SB “GUT” (2012)

Long-time friends Tom (Jason Vail) and Dan (Nicholas Wilder) find they are growing apart. When Dan finds a snuff film of a man cutting into the stomach of a woman, both find themselves fascinated with it. When they start to get more films from the same “director”, the films become personal when a waitress they […]

Eat Horror – Chvad SB “GUT” (2012)

GutReleased – 2012Genre – Horror, ThrillerDirector – EliasStarring – Jason Vail, Nicholas Wilder, Sarah Schoofs, Angie Bullaro

Tom seems to be in a rut and he looks tightly wound enough to go postal at the drop of a hat. His best friend from childhood, the geeky Dan, shows him a kind of snuff film […]

Horror News – Chvad SB “GUT” (2012)

SYNOPSIS:Family man Tom has seen something he can’t forget, a mysterious video with an ugly secret that soon spreads into his daily life and threatens to dismantle everything around him

REVIEW:“Gut”, the second feature film from director Elias, offers a complex look into the queasy voyeurism of gonzo splatter cinema, nestled snug in an expressionist […]

I Like Horror Movies – Chvad SB “GUT” (2012)

Tom’s life begins to spiral out of control when his buddy Dan brings home a suspicious snuff tape that he found online. Will the two be able to break away from their sick obsessions before they are tempted to turn a dark fantasy into reality? So begins GUT, a tightly-drawn psychological thriller that overcomes its […]

Movie Rewind – Chvad SB “GUT” (2012)

Gut What’s in YOUR mailbox?

Main Cast: Jason Vail, Nicholas Wilder, Sarah Schoofs

Director: Elias

I have to admit that I’m a little wary of horror movies – especially those produced outside the mainstream. Somehow, Gut Postermy presumption has always been that they’re going to be excessively gory or voyeuristic or sadistic […]

Terror Hook – Chvad SB “GUT” (2012)

PLOTSomething is missing in Tom’s life. Every day he goes through the motions, becoming increasingly detached from those around him. His best friend Dan thinks he has the answer, a mysterious video he’s got to see to believe. What Dan shows him leaves Tom unsettled, flooding his mind with disturbing images and desires, and binding […]

Underrated Movies – Chvad SB “GUT” (2012)

‘Gut’ is a Psychological Horror movie directed by Elias, who directed the fairly well-known (for a low budget movie) LovecraCked! The Movie. Gut is screened on film festivals all over the world and is planned to be released Oct 26th in New York and other places.

The movie starts with one guy probably choking […]

Variety – Chvad SB “GUT” (2012)

A psychological thriller requires some psychology as well as thrills, two things almost entirely absent from “Gut.” Its title isn’t the only terse thing about this monotonous quasi-horror tale, which aims for a minimalist intensity by providing precious little character detailing or location color. But those deprivations only make this an unusually dull, suspenseless movie […]