GUT: Creating a Feature Score. Entry 04: elaborate nothingness

I wrote my last blog entry about the GUT score back in Jan. 21st. Today, roughly 6 months later, is July 26th. I won’t win any awards for most updated blog but at least I can say that the music for the film has been completed. Completed this past weekend as a matter of fact… […]

“Video Highlights”, t.o.t.s. live @ Bowery Poetry Club, NYC. 7-17-11


A passionate night of Live Music and Alternative Burlesque benefiting John SERVO DeSalvo, drummer for BILE & Vulgaras, recovering uninsured from a shattered leg.

Bands: – The Von Frankensteins – Sean T. Hanratty & the Mighty Mighty – Gods Green Earth – DEVI unplugged – Mandy Lemons & Sturgis Nikides – Vulgaras – THINGS […]

Spill Magazine, The – The Qualia “Memorial Gore” (2011)

The QualiaMemorial Gore (EP)WTII Records

Sometimes musical genres undermine the artistic range of bands, and other times they are more ambiguous than they are specific and fail to accurately classify the band’s music. The Qualia find themselves under the vast umbrella of Electro/Pop, which invokes an all too common expectation for what the music will […]

Ryan’s Smashing Life – The Qualia “Memorial Gore” (2011)

ONE TO WATCH 2011:Review by Julie Stoller

DATELINE: BROOKLYN, NY – Those of you old enough to have your club gear from the 80s at the back of your closet… go dig it out and have a listen to The Qualia. I had an immediate flashback with the opening sounds of “Guess I Lied”, […]