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GUT: Creating a Feature Score. Entry 03: Two Steps Back or Is He Dead?

Writing music for me is a very isolated process. I think better when alone in the studio and I’m far more comfortable making mistakes without others around to witness them. I like the dark studio with only the dim glow of my computer monitor lighting the room and a clutter of cables and gear surrounding […]

Chvad quoted in NYPOST on bike licensing.

You can read the article HERE.

“GUT” featured in Fangoria!

“GUT” featured in Fangoria with exclusive pics and trailer! Music by yours truly with the feature score underway! PEEP IT ALL HERE! Gallery released

The IMG1309 Gallery compiles all images named IMG1309. There are new images escaping unnamed everyday. Chances are you have made and released one. This is their home now. Come on over and visit the lonely images. Bookmark the page. Leave a comment. There are new things always.

Released publicly on Jan. 10th, 2011


GUT: Creating a Feature Score. Entry 02: The stuff.

I’ve known since my first screening of “Gut” the type of tone I wanted to establish for the soundtrack. Brooding, rhythmic, droning. In the back of my mind, I instantly recalled Howard Shore’s soundtrack for Cronenberg’s “Crash”. The slow dirge that moves on regardless of the action but more on intention. Now, due to most […]

GUT: Creating a Feature Score. Entry 01: The scene.

A good while ago my close friend Elias announced he’d be shooting a feature. I’ve been creating music for this guy ever since we started shooting stuff on VHS way back in 1993 so when he decided to shoot a feature length film the decision to do the music was a no-brainer. This blog is […]

Launched Tongue Muzzle website today and new album…

Today I launched the new website and the debut record of Tongue Muzzle “vs. All Monsters” available HERE. It’s my new band.. PEEP IT!