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Beacon Calls Us Back, The

Remember during this election year:

Books Sarah Palin wanted to ban, CONTESTED.

Copied from a .pdf supplied by the City of Wasilla as made available on their website: ________________________________________________ CITY OF WASILLA

•Office of the Mayor• 290 East Herning Avenue • Wasilla • Alaska • 99654 ·7091 • Telephone 907·373·9055 • Fax 907·373·9096 •

We at the City of Wasilla have received many emails and requests […]

Books Sarah Palin wanted to ban…

Reposted from a friend email:

For those of you who think that all of the opposition to Sarah Palin is from “leftwing” nuts; the following is a list of books that she tried to get banned when she was mayor of Wasilla. I am not sure that Mark Twain, William Shakespeare, Maya Angelou and Geoffrey […]

Unmistakable Scent of Something Good, The

Final Days and Plastic Faces