Kawai K1 Sample Set

kawaik1The Kawai K1 was my first “real” synthesizer. Prior to that I had only ever played with my Casio MT-18 and compared to that, the Kawai K1 was endless palette of awesome sounds. It began a long love affair with Kawai synthesizers and ultimately I’ve owned all of them at some point in time. They’re all gone now, replaced by other synths with better interfaces and features but my love for the sounds the Kawai K1 produced has stayed strong over the years. So, prior to selling my last Kawai K1r last year, I took the time to sample each of it’s single cycle waveforms, single shot samples and loops. 256 samples in all. They are all presented here as 44.1khz 24bit wave files along with a PDF file of a document that came along with the original K1’s detailing all of the samples. Enjoy.


NOTE: The first 204 samples are single cycle waveforms are VERY VERY SHORT by nature and must be looped to sound like anything other than a short click. Most samplers can deal with this rather gracefully but I personally love using the TAL-Sampler if you need a place to start. You can load up to four samples at a time much like the K1’s ability to have four sources and with an external MIDI controller you can mix in between those sources just like on the full-sized Kawai K1 (the K1r lacked this ability as it had no joystick and lacked MIDI control over those parameters). It’s affordable, easy and well supported.

NOTE NOTE: Special thanks to Kawai Japan and Kawai America for permission to post these samples. As this is not an official product, Kawai Japan and Kawai America do not, in any way, offer any support regarding the use of these samples.

18 comments to Kawai K1 Sample Set

  • wow.. i also used for many years the kaway k1 and i made with it many good sounds, i still use a bass that i sampled in roland s750 and recently in ESx24 ..

    i am very grateful to you for sampling it also in the tal sampler.. thanks!!!

  • Thanks for the work put into this. Btw does the K1M have the same issue I presume with not being able to mix the four sources?

  • Ah nevermin my last comment. I just noticed the K1M has the stick. I did read that there is an emulator to make the K1R respond as if it had a stick though.

  • You’re welcome! Also, I’d love to learn more about that emulator! I’ve never come across anything like that… you have a link?

  • 0=0

    love these. I have k4 and it uses the same waves. so it’s nice to have them in the computer

    big respect!


  • Appreciated and thanks! Use them well!

  • ztevoz

    Hello Chvad,

    like you, it was my first machine after brands like bontempi :)

    It was a real pleasure to play with theses waveforms and get back in decades !!

    If it helps, I’ve used the samples into Native Instrument Kontakt with no problems.

    Thanks a lot for this gift.



  • Thanks ZtevOz! Def good to hear they worked in Kontakt!

  • Midi Guy

    Thank you so much! People like you make the internet to a pleasant place :-)

  • Thanks Midi Guy! Enjoy the samples!

  • Kevin

    Hello, first of all thank you for the waves.
    I have two questions if you have time to answer them, I will be very gratefull.
    1. How did you sampled the waves, is there any fast method to extract waveforms from a synth?
    2. I want to sample my Kawai K4. I just want to translate the waves to wavetables and use the curves. I wonder if it will be any different with your samples if I sample my K4?

    Thanks in advance

    Best regards

  • Kevin,

    Yer welcome! Regarding your questions…
    1) I wish there was a fast method I knew of. I’m sure someone out there knows of someway to extract data from a chip like that but that wasn’t the case for these. I set up a patch on the K1 with all of the envelopes open and just recorded directly into a Focusrite Saffire Pro 10io. Then I manually edited each recording down to a single cycle wave in Soundforge, making sure that each wav was the exact same length for a uniform consistency. It’s not hard but definitely time consuming and redundant but I felt like if I was gonna do it I’d try to be as exacting as possible.
    2) I think the K4 would be worth sampling! If memory serves me right the K4 had 16 bit samples in it so I’d say there is probably an appreciable difference between the two for sure.

    Good luck if you get down to sampling it!

  • pete

    Hi Chvad!

    First of all, thank you for making these samples available! Much appreciated! I just discovered TAL-Sampler and I love this beast!

    Anyway, the `Kawai K1 Single Cycle Wavs` folder is greyed-out in TAL-Sampler. All other libraries are fine. Any idea why this is happening?

    Thanks for any help!

  • Thanks for the thanks Pete! Regarding the greyed out folder… Could be a permissions thing? If you are on a PC, right click on the folder and make sure READ-ONLY isn’t checked or anything. If on a mac, right click and choose GET INFO and look under permissions and check for something similar. I have a mac at work, not home so I can be as precise with that. If neither of those things work, I’d try re-downloading the file. They’re only audio files so there’s nothing aside from a permissions thing that I can think of to keep it from loading in TAL or anything else really. Good luck and lemme know if any of that works!

  • pete

    `read-only` on said folder was indeed the problem. I unchecked it and it now works fine. Thanks chvad!


  • Great news! Glad it worked out!

  • Mark

    Wow, awesome. Can’t wait to use these in my Deluge!

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