Kaiju Temple, a new kaiju themed compilation featuring Chvad SB is OUT NOW!

It was only natural that Joe Badon would make his Terra Kaiju comic. A story of love, sacrifice, & revenge inspired by the giant monster & samurai movies that Joe grew up on. Silber is pleased to be part of his story with the soundtrack for his baby, Kaiju Temple.

What would the fitting sounds […]

Tongue Muzzle “Erectoskeleton” to be featured in the new film, “The Demolisher”!

Preparing the GUT soundtrack.

Despite the music having been finished for GUT for some time, I’ve been sitting on the release until GUT could get released because really, who wants a soundtrack for a movie they haven’t seen? That being said, GUT is in theaters this October so the soundtrack shall follow! Spending most of the weekend making […]

“Black Snake” – Chvad SB live 9-3-2012

This is from last nights “Experimental Music is not Dead” webcam party.

About the track: I have several re-occurring nightmares. I can’t remember how long ago they began anymore. Eat, sleep, work, play… nightmares. So much a part of me that I have to warn others about them if they are to stay the night […]

Chvad SB on NBC? Or Reviewing “RED” and pimping The Qualia.

Chvad SB reviews the new Bruce Willis movie RED with show host Scott Ross for NBC’s POPCORNBIZ this week. It’s all over the interwebs, broadcast, cable and NYC cabs all next week starting this Friday. Oh yeah… what’s that cool band I’m pimping? The Qualia? Playing when? Nov. 5th? Where? Trashbar in Brooklyn? […]

The 2010 Bushwick Tornado or “What happened to my truck and what’s left of Maria Hernandez Park?”

It was already a reasonably stressful day. It was the typical “my job is stressing me so bad that my body has developed an auto-immune skin eating disorder” kind of day. So when I had heard that a potential tornado wiped through a number of boroughs in New York City I was in […]

Slideshow: Chvad spinning at Panda Digital

Slideshow: Dead Horse Bay, Brooklyn, NY. 2010.

I drove to Dead Horse Bay to explore another part of Brooklyn. This place and the surrounding areas don’t seem anything at all like Brooklyn. Not a lot of people and lot of vegetation. Also, an enormous amount of pollution on the shores. Some parts of the beach seemed to primarily be […]

Slideshow: t.o.t.s. LIVE @ Arlene’s Grocery, NYC. 2008.

Slideshow: The Qualia, live at Crash Mansion, NYC, Oct. 11th 2008

What We Do Is Secret

Unity Chicago

Chicago Just harassing a couple co-workers in Chicago. :)

Why my toy store is cooler than your toy store.

Why my toy store is cooler than your toy store.

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Lars Casteen working on a new t.o.t.s. track.

Lars Casteen working on a new t.o.t.s. track.

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Raphael (sealed in silence) visiting NYC to see Laibach.

Tim Durland

Tim Durland (Mr. 1234) explaining his new recording setup while waiting for “Wire” to come on stage. NYC.