“Black Snake” – Chvad SB live 9-3-2012

This is from last nights “Experimental Music is not Dead” webcam party.

About the track: I have several re-occurring nightmares. I can’t remember how long ago they began anymore. Eat, sleep, work, play… nightmares. So much a part of me that I have to warn others about them if they are to stay the night […]

Lil’ Modular Choo Choo That Could

I was wiggling the other night and well… this was somehow the result. Sorry?

Theme for “The Artist Statement”

Modular Experiments 08: People Keep Asking and I Say You’re Well

Modular Experiments 07: The Dust Cloud Permeates

Modular Experiments 06: “Warm Stabilized Air”

Modular Experiments 05: “She Should Be Here”

She Should Be Here by Chvad

Modular Experiments 04: “A Hair Before Sundown”

A Hair Before Sundown by Chvad

Modular Experiments 03: It Haunts Her

It Haunts Her by Chvad

Modular Experiments 02: Siral Thead Tenxion

Siral Thead Tenxion by Chvad

Modular Experiments 01: It’s Darker Outside That You’d Think

It’s Darker Outside than you’d Think. by Chvad