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Decibel – Controlled Bleeding “Larva Lumps and Baby Bumps” (2016)

Welcome, kiddies… Since I took no part in choosing this album for review, I have to imagine that out esteemed editor saw the track titled “The Perks of Being a Perv” and knew that I would make an immediate personal connection. I would ask him to provide evidence for such a vulgar assertion, beyond the fact that, yes, I totally dig this stuff. But not for the reasons you think, dammit.

Larva Lumps is a sublime (if disconcerting) ride through the avant-garde mashup of rock, noise and jazz. While much of the music is strongly guitar driven, Larva Lumps never deigns to employ accessible rock tropes. Rather, Controlled Bleeding wander through a diverse, stylized and highly abstract terrain built from alternately abrasive and calming performances, all of which play out in tight, repetitive patterns that seek a trance-state even at its most shrill.

Swans fans may find a lot of common language here, though that’s not to say that CB sound really sound anything like Swans of any era. In its frequent active moments, Larva Lumps is close kin to John Zorn’s recent Simulacrum trio, with its perpetually hot guitar soloing and hard-rocking percussion. On “A Evening Fades”, the album cools off and floats on exotic melodies and synthetic atmospheres. Then there’s “The Perks of Being a Perv”, 23+ minutes of noisy bluster and unrestrained experimental fervor with several distinct moments. It’s an uncompromising statement, and your expectations have no place in founder Paul Lemos’ vision. Accept or be churned under. Which, I guess, makes this pretty damn metal.
-Daniel Lake


The Qualia’s new album “Cotillion Knives” is out TODAY!

The Qualia Cotillion KnivesThe Qualia have just released our new record, Cotillion Knives.
Check it out at your favorite digital media place!

The Qualia, just released our new record, Cotillion Knives. Check it out at your favorite digital media place!
You can buy / listen to the record at
iTunes, Google Play, Youtube, Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal.

The Qualia – Volcanoe (Medusa Session)

Recorded live in Medusa, NY.
Song originally on the album “Secret Weapon” by The Qualia. Audio by Tim Durland. Video by Will McCutcheon.

The Qualia – Captain of Industry (Medusa Session)

Recorded live in Medusa, NY.
Song originally on the album “Secret Weapon” by The Qualia. Audio by Tim Durland. Video by Will McCutcheon.

The Qualia – They Catch Up (Medusa Session)

Recorded live in Medusa, NY.
Song originally on the album Cotillion Knives by The Qualia – release date August 12, 2016. Audio by Tim Durland. Video by Will McCutcheon.

The Qualia – Out For Blood (Medusa Session)

Recorded live in Medusa, NY.
Song originally on the album Cotillion Knives by The Qualia – release date August 12, 2016. Audio by Tim Durland. Video by Will McCutcheon.

The Qualia – Don’t Change (Medusa Session)

Recorded live in Medusa, NY.
Song by M. Hutchence, A. Farriss, T. Farris, J. Farris, K. Pengilly, G. Beers. Audio by Tim Durland. Video by Will McCutcheon.

Pre-order the new Controlled Bleeding album “Larva Lumps and Baby Bumps” NOW!

Controlled Bleeding_Larvae_CoverThe new album is available for pre-order now!

Controlled Bleeding finally announces its first proper complete studio album since 2002’s Can You Smell The Rain Between (Tone Casualties). With the enigmatic full title of Larva Lumps and Baby Bumps, and featuring incredible cover paintings by artist Gregory Jacobsen (also of Lovely Little Girls). The album will be released on Toronto-based Artoffact Records on double vinyl and double CD in August.


Larva Lumps is a startling record: it somehow flawlessly mixes industrial noise and prog rock into a beautifully stream-of-conscious work that is at once fairly brutal and lovingly serene. The opening piece, Driving Through Darkness, could be the title of a pop-ballad, until you realize the actual meaning of the word ‘driving’; jumping out at you seemingly in medias res, the album and track crash thru a minute of jazz-improv and clicking bass that give way to a delightful guitar, before grabbing you again on the road to darkness. The second track, Carving Song, is an industrial monster that sounds like the spawn of Test Dept. and Cubanate, and the epic, 22-minute long closer The Perks of Being a Perv, an instrumental throbbing piece of industrial-meets-prog confusion, is breathtaking.

Both vinyl and CD come with an album of bonus material, out-takes from the Larva Lumps sessions that both label and artists felt were far too strong to keep off the release. The bonus material was engineered by famed New York producer Martin Bisi (Swans, John Zorn, Boredoms, White Zombie, Bill Laswell, Foetus).

The 2CD comes in a lovely digipak. The 2LP edition is housed in a beautiful gatefold, and a bonus, collector’s item version on swill green.

Originally formed nearly 40 years ago in 1978, New York-based Controlled Bleeding remains one of the most hard to classify and avant-garde experimental projects. The band’s output ranges from brutal noise to eclectic industrial, from avant-jazz to prog-rock, and their works have appeared on Tone Casualties, Wax Trax, Broken Flag, Soleilmoon, Sub Rosa and more. Controlled Bleeding today is Paul Lemos, Anthony Meola, Mike Bazini, and Chvad SB.

A Journal of Musical Things – Controlled Bleeding “Larva Lumps and Baby Bumps” (2016)

Before NIN and Ministry there was Controlled Bleeding and though their story has largely remained underground and untold their influence on the industrial/noise genre is undeniable. Now, almost 15 years after their last release, these NY experimentalists have returned with a brand new album, Larva Lumps and Baby Bumps. Featuring the single “Driving Through Darkness,” these guys are as searing as ever.

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Nerdist, The – Controlled Bleeding “Larvae Lumps and Baby Bumps” (2016)

Controlled Bleeding are difficult to describe. Gnarly is perhaps the only world that really captures their ugly, analog sound. It’s certainly punk, without element of noise, and maybe a little surf rock. Larva Lumps and Baby Bumps is the bands first album in 14 years and you can hear a track from it below. Again, it’s hard to describe, so just give it a listen. It’s infectious, in a way; that riff will stay with you, worming itself into your brain and rocking you into a coma of like slumber of madness and reverb.

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Thumped – Chvad SB “Phenomenalism, Cartesian Doubt and Bomb #20” (2016)

Chvad SB designed & built a self-playing computer free synthesizer. The next generation of musicians is human free. Or so they say. Given that all pop music these days sounds to me like it was composed by algorithm, this is kind of terrifying. I miss humans. Humans are okay. And it’s fair to say, I think, that humans are pretty good at this music lark. Some of them, anyway. Sure a computer can beat you at chess, but how does a self-playing synth fair at composition? Not great, if I’m honest. This is noodly, high concept wank. The “song” lasts over an hour. And it sounds like a Commodore64 with a migraine. I’ll be honest, I didn’t listen to the whole thing, because one day I’ll die, and I already have enough regrets.

Review by: Dara Higgins

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Wall Street Journal, Interview, Controlled Bleeding

It’s been a long time coming — more than a decade, in fact — but Controlled Bleeding, the long-running underground experimental-music group from Long Island, N.Y., has a new album on the way.

“Larva Lumps and Baby Bumps,” a two-disc record, will go on sale Aug. 26 on CD and Sept. 23 on vinyl. “Driving Through Darkness,” the relentless and laser-focused instrumental jam that kicks off the album, premieres exclusively today on Speakeasy. Listen to the track below. Continue reading Wall Street Journal, Interview, Controlled Bleeding

Floorshime Zipper Boots – Chvad SB “Phenomenalism, Cartesian Doubt and Bomb #20” (2016)

One of our favorite indie labels, and also one of the most forward thinking musically, is Silber Records. Readers of this blog will note that their releases appear here regularly. Today we have another fine, envelope pushing release from them. Phenomenalism Cartesian Doubt and Bomb #20 is the new album from Chvad SB. The 1 hour plus piece of music is an innovative electronic work using the synth as an orchestral tool, to construct a tonal poem that conveys depth and originality, through a compelling series of musical expressions and moods. This massive work is a must have.

Review by; FZB
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Letter’s from a Tapehead – Chvad SB “Phenomenalism, Cartesian Doubt and Bomb #20” (2016)

Chvad SB‘s Phenomenalism, Cartesian Doubt and Bomb #20 was apparently two years in the making and was constructed without the aid of a computer or a human to manipulate or arrange the sounds. How? I’m still not quite sure I understand how, but the music you hear was built from a self-playing modular synthesizer programmed to take repeating phrases and make them non-repeating. The result is a very robotic and, on the surface, calculatedly random array of sounds that successfully demonstrates its reverence to Chvad SB’s sources of inspiration, namely the film scores of Forbidden Planet and Dark Star, while conveying his own understanding of how those sounds can still emote and construct something imaginative and tangible.

There is a video companion to this piece as well, which was created by video artist William Laziza.

I’ll admit, though, that, at one-hour and thirteen minutes, this isn’t the easiest listen.  Links for purchase can be found here.

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The new Chvad SB album “Phenomenalism, Cartesian Doubt and Bomb #20” is OUT NOW!

BOMB20 coverHey everyone! I’m happy to announce that my new solo album “Phenomenalism, Cartesian Doubt and Bomb #20” is OUT TODAY on Silber Records! It’s a weird record folks. It pulls inspiration from sci-fi films like Forbidden Planet, Darkstar and Saturn 3. It’s a giant krell patch on crack. The entire 73 minute long track is a self-playing composition that manages to stay within some sane musical boundaries while at the same time going to some odd places I, as a human, would never willingly go to. You can get the download OR you can get a really awesome commemorative button pack (shown below) that comes with the record AND an access code to view a special “Phenomenalism, Cartesian Doubt and Bomb #20” VIDEO by video artist William Laziza. The video, like the music, is entirely self-generating responses to the music in ways you’ve simply never seen. It’s awesome and you get to download that when you grab the buttons!

Get the record at the following links:

The new Tongue Muzzle album “Ally Orbit” is out NOW!

The new Tongue Muzzle album “Ally Orbit” is available now! FOR FREE! Listen/Link and download below!

New single “Out for Blood” from The Qualia OUT NOW!

Our first single from our upcoming record has JUST BEEN POSTED! Wanna hear what The Qualia have been up to? CHECK IT OUT NOW!

New trailer for Joe Dante produced “DARK” now online!

The new “DARK” trailer features music by Chvad SB. You can see the new trailer here:

Exclusive new trailer, poster, release info: Joe Dante-produced “DARK”


nothing to see

“Nosocomephobia – Fear of Hospitals” Brenna Crowley & Zilla Dance Ensemble

Chvad SB cameos as the drooling psycho crawling on the floor…

Chvad SB + Heather Bondra “Column”, live @ Electro-Music Fest 2015

QRD #74 features a new interview with Chvad SB.

qrd_cov74 The new issue of QRD is up and features a new interview with Chvad SB. Check it out here:

Ayla Entry 01: Way ahead of the game.

ayla_poster_01I kept a running blog during the last feature long score I composed for GUT and so I figured I’d do the same here. I like the idea of sharing thoughts along the way and whatever issues I end up dealing with while trying to create something meaningful and effective for a film.

Like GUT, Ayla is written and directed by my long time friend and collaborator Elias and I’m really looking forward to this one. GUT was finished a while back and it’s nice to have a new large scale project to go into. We’re all a little more seasoned than we were before and I get a great feeling about this movie being a real success. I think it’s going to be good. I’ve read the script and it’s great. The poster art by Mike Pappa shown here is also super inspiring. The Kickstarter for the film has launched and if all goes well we will soon be on our way to making this thing a reality.

When reading GUT I’d originally imagined a score similar to something that Fabio Frizzi would have done for Lucio Fulci in films like The Beyond or Walter Rizzati’s work on House by the Cemetery. When I saw early cuts of the movie I knew immediately that none of those initial ideas would have worked. For a later re-release of the film LoveCracked (now The Horror of H.P. Lovecraft) I’d be able to hit on those classic Italian horror themes a little but not as much as I’d have liked. I only mention this because I now realize that regardless of the script, that’s the music I just imagine regardless of what I’m reading. I could listen to that stuff forever but I just don’t know if it will ever fit into anything I get put on my plate. So despite those ideas creeping into my mind while reading Ayla I doubt they will see the light of day. BUT! I DO have some great ideas in mind that I think will work… and more on that in the next entry! Until then, check out the Kickstarter page for Ayla and if you feel so inclined, contribute and help out with the film seeing the light of day!

Iye Zine – Controlled Bleeding “Perversions of the Aging Savant” (2015, split)

Succede, a volte, che un paio di etichette si associno per supportare il fatto che due band abbiano deciso di fare un disco insieme. E’ il caso, per esempio della Old Bicycle Records e della Off Records (la prima svizzera, la seconda belga) che, uniti gli sforzi, hanno permesso agli italiani Sparkle In Grey (capeggiati da Matteo Uggeri) di condividere lo spazio di un disco insieme agli storici Controlled Bleeding (guidati da Paul Lemos). Succede poi, che questo lavoro, Perversions Of The Aging Savant, sia decisamente bello e intrigante. Capisci allora, che, nonostante i tempi che corrono, non tutto è ancora perduto. Continue reading Iye Zine – Controlled Bleeding “Perversions of the Aging Savant” (2015, split)